food «food», noun.
1. anything that animals or people eat or drink that makes them live and grow; nourishment: »

Milk and green vegetables are valuable foods for young people.

2. what is eaten: »

Give him food and drink.

3. anything that plants take in that enables them to live and grow.
4. a particular kind or article of food: »

breakfast foods.

5. Figurative. anything that causes growth: »

Books are food for the mind.

6. Figurative. anything that sustains or serves for consumption in any way: »

food for thought. If music be the food of love, play on (Shakespeare).

[Old English fōda]
food´less, adjective.
food´less|ness, noun.
Synonym Study 1, 3 Food, provisions, rations mean that which is intended to be eaten. Food is the general word for anything that nourishes people, animals, or lants: »

healthful foods, plant food.

Provisions, usually having to do with human food only, means a supply of food, either for immediate use or stored away: »

I must buy provisions for the holidays.

Rations, also usually restricted to human food, means fixed allowances of food for a particular period or that amount of food allowed under some system of rationing: »

a weekly ration of meat, rations for a company of soldiers.

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